Carbon Footprint

Carbon Neutral Organisation

Set A Side Storage is a carbon neutral company committed to using sustainable transport for all our clients.

All the CO2 generated by our vehicles is off-set through the ‘Verified Carbon Standard’ reduction projects. Additionally, in the last year we have offset 100 tons of CO2e by planting 100 trees in the U.K.

Although we can not predict the types of material that sets are made from, we are constantly looking at new ways to recycle the many different components that are being used.

Carbon footprint

John Buckley, Managing Director,
Carbon Footprint Ltd.

Set-A-Side Storage Ltd

offset 100 tCO2e

through Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) reduction projects


planted 100 trees in the UK

thereby offsetting carbon emission,
helping to prevent climate change
and creating space for wildlife

03 February 2020

Planting broad-leaved trees, offsetting carbon emissions and providing wildlife habitats

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