Set Disposal and Recycling

Set-a-Side Storage is committed to recycling.

When sets are no longer needed, we make the Designer and Production Manager aware of the fact in order to give them the opportunity to consider reusing elements of the set in other productions.

Whatever cannot be reused in this way is separated into different materials. Timber is put through an industrial chipping machine to be used as fuel or in the production of compost. Metal is sorted and recycled depending on its composition.

We are the only set storage company to have obtained the accreditation ISO 14001 Environmental Standard, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the environment.

In accordance with ISO 14001, all set elements are recycled or disposed of in an appropriate manner with respect to current environmental rules and procedures.

Disposing of unwanted props and furniture is often a wasteful process. We have an arrangement with the British Red Cross Society to donate to them any props and furniture no longer required by a production. These are sold in Red Cross shops and benefit the charity and also the environment by preventing the items ending up as landfill.